I would like to say Thank You. The Relaxing meditation came at just the right time for me. I was about to go into hospital for a procedure and although I convinced myself I was not concerned about it, deep down I was. I realized I had been stressing after listening to the meditation. Not on the first use, but the second time I meditated I felt my body becoming very relaxed. Until you feel this relaxation you do not realize there has been some underlying stress. This Relaxation really helped me. I can’t wait to hear the next one. Once again thanks.

Valerie Johnson

Totally relaxing and I feel so energized afterwards. Awesome meditation. Thank you.

Graeme Gayler

I’ve been using Bohdi meditations for almost a year now. They are so simple, beautiful and effective. I really love them. I try to do one each day and find they become more relaxing the more I listen. I really tune into the music and the ladies voice is so soothing. I look forward to many more to help guide me on my meditation journey

Pietra Poole

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