Have you ever crawled into bed, exhausted and wanting nothing more than a good night’s sleep – but for some reason, your mind won’t let you?

And have you ever tried a sleep meditation before?

These days, our fast-paced society can cause us to rush through the day leaving our minds filled with stress and anxiety. And when we finally hit the pillow at night, many of us are finding it difficult to experience pure sleep.

In fact, “on an average night, 30 to 40 million Americans have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or wake earlier than they would like and cannot get back to sleep.”

This lack of deep, restful sleep on a regular basis can cause a variety of problems during the day; including lack of focus, decreased productivity, mood swings, and many other negative side effects.

But there IS good news! It’s been shown that meditation, especially guided meditation for sleep, can help you fall asleep, and STAY asleep.

The Huffington Post shared:

Simple breathing meditations are a nice way to start,” says Kelsang Dechok, a senior ordained teacher of Modern Buddhism at Chittamani Kadampa Meditation Center in Austin, Texas.
“Focus on taking slow, deep and even breaths. This should help produce the body’s relaxation response (think slower breathing, lower blood pressure, and a sense of calm and well-being).”

We love meditating before bed at the Bodhi Experience – and this month’s Bodhi Experience guided meditation is focused on helping you to fall asleep. You can try it for free for 14 days, when you click here.

This free guided meditation for sleep will help you drift off into a peaceful, deep sleep, so you can wake up as your best, most authentic self. Sounds pretty great, right!?

Please share your thoughts on sleep and sleep meditations, with us below. Do you think that using a sleep meditation before bed helps you sleep better and perform at a higher level throughout the day? Have you tried it before? Or do you have any other tricks up your sleeve?

We’d love to hear from you!

Love and light,
Team BE xo